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Drive Ambition and Build Your Own Economy

Clear. Transformative. Progressive and Profitable

Have you been told you need all these to be successful?



This is not a templated approach. As much as you can create all the fancy funnels to scale you to 7-figures and beyond, this isn't the only strategy that can help you have the six or seven-figure leaps.


Ads and Content

This is not a templated approach. As much as you can create all the fancy funnels to scale you to 7-figures and beyond, this isn't the only strategy that can help you have the six or seven-figure leaps.



When you've got a webinar recorded, you will never need to show-up ever again.



Without a "house" to situate all your offers or if you have a website without many details; people won't take you seriously or buy from you.


Be a solopreneur forever

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. All you need is yourself and marketing, everything else is actually really easy if you have everything above.

You do know that's not always the case.


A crystal clear approach on knowing who you're serving, why you're serving and what is it that you're serving (with love).



Design your workflow and build your own economy with work-life integration in place and enable dreams with your soul-aligned clients



You'll get consistent soul-aligned clients by predicting your way-forward and scale your business that's soulful without the exhaust.



Your self-worth has nothing to do with what you're offering or serving. It's time for you to scale and leverage on your irresistible offer to your soul-aligned client and stop undercharging and over delivering.

You're in the right place.

Get paid for your skills. We'll turn your network into paid high-ticket clients with a plan and it doesn't involve all these bells and whistles right away.

Skip the famine. Amplify, Accelerate and Automate Your Profits.

Accidental to Intentional. Build that Profitable Business That You Love


Course Curriculum & Creation

Live Launches for Cash Injections

Own that Stage Webinar

Be an Extraordinary Coach & Consultant in your industry.

We need more wealthy women entrepreneurs. Together, let's make impossible dreams possible. Are you ready to enable yours?

You are worth it!

Hi, I’m Kassy.


Nelson Mandela said that if you want to change the world, change education. Most of my efforts are focused on supporting trainers, mentors, and coaches to have their voice heard; creating new education models for mankind, and introducing these to consumers, schools, and businesses.


Serve love and drive ambition.


As a founder of The After Six Club, a transformative and progressive events management group focusing on education and an International Independent LinkedIn Trainer, Brand Influencer, Corporate Host, and Personal Branding Trainer, I've made my passion for self-development by turning online and offline events purposeful and mission-driven.


Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, my mission is to help you build a better business, build your own economy, and start creating a profitable business for your legacy.


Your Roadmap

Your EXCLUSIVE Online Masterclass for coaches, consultants, trainers or mentors, and business owners. BUILD A PROFITABLE BUSINESS.


5 HIGH TICKET MASTERCLASS BUNDLE to gear you up and learn the EXACT System and methodology that you can use to make your soul-led soul-aligned clients say "OMG, gotta have it" and swipe their credit cards every time!


You'll have a week worth of recorded LIVE coaching and immense value plus walk away with your very own plan and irresistible offer that'll get you started and skyrocket your business!


Luningning Coronel

Partner Accountant of Taxumo & Travel Service Provider

"Inspiring woman who gave a different meaning, a different light to the word "ambition". She taught us that being ambitious is good, learning is a vital and lifelong process, and giving value that impacts a community is important in every entrepreneur/business. An eloquent speaker, a driven leader, and optimistic person"

Noel D Laurella

Author & Relationship

Building Coach

"When I got laid off as a Sales Professional, I went through the program to find my calling and optimize my LinkedIn. In such a short span of time, I was able to launch a book, sold copies, and conducted numerous in-house training as a consultant, and was able to find clarity on my way forward as a Relationship Building Coach"

Beverly Jones

Virtual Events Producer

(Amplify Events)

"Being in the right place, and the right time. It was instantly a seven-figure non-launch endeavor and was able to discover the right services for me.

Jessica Cocabo

Wealth Coach

"Taking the class is a no-brainer, learning from someone who comes so far from her journey is vital. She already knows what works and what doesn't work and gives feedback. The program provided me a whole system, all you've got to do is follow and not invent the wheel. I closed a $100,000 transaction online with a limited online presence.​

Clark Vinoya

Photographer & content creator

"From selling a $20 product during the pandemic, Coach Kassy transformed me, my life, and my business. I now have monthly recurring revenues and was able to raise my rate guiltlessly. I also got featured and guested in numerous media and being trained inside NAS Academy. I'm on track towards my $20,000 goal"​

Lysa Sanchez

Unit Manager and Marketer

"I used to think I know everything about marketing. I was offering anything and everything to my clients. Kassy's program is life-changing. I was able to fine-tune my voice in the marketing world. I was able to launch my podcast and youtube channel plus was able to make it to a new endeavor; I became a unit-manager and taught me to do proper outreach. It's the best program for those who want to figure out your business​


Drive Ambition and Serve Love

As a consultant, coach, trainer, advisor, or mentor - You're ready to build a profitable business that's clear, transformative, progressive, and profitable.


Get to learn from and with insanely driven and ambitious successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Start banking multiple six or seven-figure businesses that are soulful, joyful, and impactful.


The Ambitious Tribe podcast is all about empowering today's entrepreneurs who lead by example and start building their own economy and design a business with lifestyle freedom.

“While working with her, I found Kassy very professional, process excellent communication skills and creative in her thoughts. In fact, I told her many time, that she should look at going into business, encourage and teach (or mentor) with the significant skills she has to drive businesses that bring success in the future of the workplace”

Jim Boyles, General Manager,

 Intercontinental Hotel Group (Indonesia)

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