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Dear Friend,


The economy is bleeding badly…


And we are almost out of blood!


Businesses are closing (big brands too!) and people are being laid off by the thousands.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to still have a job that pays right now.


Be grateful and count your blessings.

But a recent survey shows 45.5 percent of Filipinos are now unemployed…

That’s 27.3 MILLION people.

People who need to put food on the table…


People who still have bills to pay…


People whose hopes and dreams are CRUSHED into lifeless bits and pieces…


These are people just like you and me.


Although I’ve heard about people who still “have jobs” but aren’t getting paid any salary.


(Some companies don’t want to pay separation fees which is why they’re waiting for their employees to resign by themselves.)


Or they’re declared “redundant” from a company they’ve loyally served for a lot of years.


And then the “F” word 🔥


You’ve probably lost your job… your only source of income.


You’re NOT alone.

I know how it feels...

At night, you try to rest your head on the pillow… but sleep doesn’t come for hours.

Instead, you find yourself staring at the ceiling, wondering how to make ends meet.


You lose all hope. You’re exhausted. Depressed...

Clueless about how you and your family will survive the next few weeks… maybe even just the next few days.


And right now, you’re probably wondering if there’s still any chance — an opportunity — where you can use your God-given talents and skills to build a profitable business… from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Dear, my heart goes out to you!


Which is why I’m writing this to tell you…

There’s still HOPE!

There’s light at the end of this dark long tunnel we’re all in… 



And all you need right now is someone to hold your hand, guide you, and show you exactly what to do…


...so you can finally be free from the crippling worries haunting every single day of our lives.


But before I tell you all about it… 


Let me ask you a question:



What do you think is the biggest obstacle keeping a lot of people from earning what they deserve right now?


Most people think it’s because of the circumstances.


And I don’t blame them.


Even the world’s most powerful countries were NOT ready to face this.


How can we, right?


But here’s the thing:

Why do some people

earn EVEN MORE during this pandemic?

More than what they previously earned before all these happened?



And some have even QUIT their jobs yet still doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their monthly income…


… while doing LESS work, spending LESS hours, from the safety and comfort of their own homes.


Do they have something you don’t… an edge available only to them?

Or are you just missing a few simple, yet powerful KEYS, which once learned, will open doors to massive opportunity?


Well, if you’re thinking about the latter, look closely…


Because you’re about to find out.



Hi, I’m Kassy Pajarillo-Braganza…

For the past couple of years, I was able to build my business and have $5k-$10k months in profit.


I became a LinkedIn Top Influencer for 2018 and 2019.


I also had the opportunity to speak on different platforms including TEDx and a number of Universities.


In fact, I even worked, supported, and helped NAS Daily, Drew Binsky and Mindvalley.


But it wasn’t always that way.


You see, all these became possible because of what I learned through a lot — a LOT — of failures… 


I loved to fail. (I know. Kinda crazy, right?)


But actually doing it and taking risks gave me the BEST education I could ever have.


It’s why I figured out what makes other people succeed… while most people get stuck and give up on their dreams.


Here’s what I found out…


Ambition Killer #1

Employment is the “best” way to earn income

Most of us have this belief deeply ingrained inside us. It’s preventing us from driving our ambition. And if you’ve ever said this to yourself, it’s definitely NOT your fault.



Because this is what we were taught from the very beginning…


“Go to school. Get good grades. Graduate with flying colors. Land a high-paying job. Work for 40 years so you can enjoy life when you finally retire…”


It was the socially “correct” path to follow.


Move away from that path… and you risk losing social standing.


If you start swimming against the mainstream, people will suddenly think you’re crazy.



When we look at the most successful people in the world and ask them what they do, you’ll find a common answer:

They build a network of businesses
that solve big problems.

I mean, ask yourself:


Who earns more? 


The MOST hardworking employee of the company…


… or THE owner of the company?


It’s a no brainer. We all know the answer to that…


The owners earn more — a LOT more — than what their employees earn. AND they work a lot LESS than


So why do we still go for the employment route?


And that leads me to my next point…

Ambition Killer #2

Fear of Failure

The reason why we still lean towards becoming an employee is this…


Becoming a “salaryman” is within our comfort zone.


Anything OUTSIDE that zone is risky! (Or so we thought)...


And when you take a close look at it… the root of this fear can be traced back to how we were trained at school.


Remember the time when your teacher asks a question and you think you have the answer for it but…


… you’re not EXACTLY sure if it’s the correct one?


What do we usually do in these situations? Right.


NOTHING — We do nothing! 


We don’t raise our hand because we’re afraid of getting it wrong. 


And getting it wrong means we fail…




We do almost everything in our power so we don’t get that dreaded “F” in the report cards.


Because we thought life is all about avoiding FAILURE.


We thought failure is the opposite of success… 


But what we don’t know is this:


to successstepping stoneFailure is NOT the opposite of success… it is the


  When I found out about this, things started to change for me.


I began being more open to opportunities. It’s like having a blindfold removed. I was more aware of huge opportunities around me!


I took more chances… 


I embraced failures because now I know it’s an opportunity to begin again… but this time, more intelligently!


It’s one of the secrets of success:


“Fail Fast. Fail Often. Fail Forward.”


Now, because we understand these, we’re on our way to achieving our wildest dreams...


But there’s one more thing I need to tell you.

And it may be the deadliest killer of them all…

Ambition Killer #3

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Let me ask you a question.


What do you think is the MOST important conversation you have every day?


I’ll give you a second…


Think about it.


Done? Okay.


Here it is:

The most important conversation you have every day is…


The Conversations You Have in Your Head!


You see, that little voice in your head has a HUGE impact on what you become.


And if you constantly fill yourself up with negative inner beliefs like…


  • “I can’t learn this. My brain can’t handle it. I’m not as intelligent as other people”…

  • “Oh no. This isn't for me. They’re just gonna say I’m an impostor”...

  • “I’m NEVER gonna be good enough!”


It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy…


“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The process looks like this:


First, it’s just a tiny inner voice you try to ignore…


But then it grows louder and louder until it consumes your whole being!


And this works both ways.


Feed your mind with negative thoughts, you’ll get negative emotions.


With negative emotions, you’ll get negative actions.

And with negative actions ruling over your life… what do you think is the result?


Negative manifestations!


That’s why this has the biggest impact among the three Ambition Killers I mentioned…


And that’s why I want YOU to be aware of it. What you think about. What you feed your mind…


Why am I telling you all these?


Because it’s my personal mission to help people just like you experience monumental breakthroughs in their lives…  



… by creating a business that’s clear, transformative, progressive and profitable!


And I’m gonna help you do it WITHOUT experiencing burn outs, breakdowns, or sacrificing too much family time.




I’ve developed, refined and perfected this framework through actually testing it (versus all others that are just “theory”)... 


I applied it on my own business, and I was able to earn $5k to $10k months…


And it astonishingly transformed my life.


I had less worries because every expense is taken care of…


(No more debts… finally!)

I couldn’t believe it was really possible to earn more while working a lot less…


It feels so good to have taken back my life that I shared this framework to other people.




Here’s What They Had to Say

I was so happy with their results… it filled my soul with pure heartfelt joy!


And I realized... 


If this framework already changed my life, and the lives of a few more…


It’s my moral obligation to share it to the world and impact the lives of more people!


So I took all of what I learned… 


Plus the experiences of the first few people who tried it...


Arranged it in a way that is easily digestible…


And packaged it so every person, from people who are starting out, to people who just want to take the next level, and anyone in between…


...to have the most amazing epiphanies and actionable steps they could apply right away!


I decided to call it.

Power Profile Biz Accelerator

This is an intensive 8-Week Foundational Coaching Program where I take you by the hand and go through the process together.


Every principle, strategy, and tactic I consistently use to build my business… and I mean EVERYTHING… I will teach them all to you!


Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn inside:

Week one

Unleash Your Personal Brand

This may be the MOST valuable part of the entire training — the foundation for all the following weeks.


In a nutshell, we’ll dig deep on your values, what you stand for, and how to own your truth to make a lasting impact.


Inside the module:


  • The Four Mission-Critical Questions That Will Transform Your Image Into 4K Clarity…

  • Discover The Brand “Pillars”...And Why Personal Branding Can Get You Clients Magnetically…

  • How to Create a “Tagline” That Sticks Into The Brains of Your Audience

  • Have You Ever Seen a Purple Cow Among Regular Cows? This Step Will Make You Stand Out!

    Week two

    Create Your Power Profile

    This week, you’ll learn how to harness the hidden potential of a well-crafted Power Profile in exploding your reach and impact in the global market.


    Inside the module:

    • How to Maximize The Most Precious Profile “Real Estate” for Premium Client Attractiveness…

    • The “Take The Cake And Own The Entire Party” Approach to Unforgettable First Impressions…

    • The Connection *Hack* You Need to Turn your Network Into Clients…

    • How to Call For Attention and Speak Your Truth… WITHOUT Sounding Like a Sleazy Flea Market Salesman!

    Week three

    Master The Content Game

    You’ve done the pre-work… now you’re ready for your debut!


    Inside the module:

    • The Right Way to Introducing Yourself in Social (Hint: You’ve probably seen a lot of people — even “experts” — do this WRONG!)

    • How to Write Posts Like a Soap Opera Your Audience Can’t Get Enough Of…

    • These Simple Plug-And-Play “Prompts” Will Help You Write Content Before You Even Finish Your Morning Cuppa Joe!

    • How to Expand Borders and Be Seen as The Expert With This Simple Publishing Technique...

    Week four

    Serve & Sell Your Message

    This week, we’ll focus on attracting MORE of your ideal clients (and make them crave for your attention.)


    Inside the module:

    • How to Map Out Content That Makes Your Audience Go From “Just Looking” to “I Need You Now, Please!” (Hint: You need to visualize their journey…)

    • This Technique Will Be The Ace Up Your Sleeve so You Can Win Big on LinkedIn!

    • The Sneaky-Effective Way to Ethically Closing Your Leads Without Any Resistance at All…

    • This Classic Four Letter Marketing Framework Will Grab Eyeballs and Get Them Hot For Action!

    Week five

    Money Making Actions

    You’ve served and told the entire world your message. Awesome!

    Now, how do you qualify (or disqualify) the leads you have?

    You’ll learn all my strategies this week.


    Inside the module:

    • The Easy Way to Finding Your Soul-Led, Soul-Aligned Clients…

    • Why You Need to STOP Dilly-Dallying And Start Focusing on These “Money Makers” Instead…

    • How to Build an Almost Instant Connection With Your “Soulmates”... WITHOUT Paying For Ads!

    • This Fool-Proof Daily Method of Operation Will Grow Your Momentum Like A Snowball… (If you implement this process… you’ll have predictable cash flow. No more feast or famine cycles!)

    Week six

     Omni-Platform Attention 

    In the previous weeks, you’ve focused on ONE platform and built the foundations for massive growth. Now, it’s time to use your core message and leverage across different platforms where you’ll find the rest of your soul-aligned audience.


    Inside the module:

    • If Your First Platform is Already Kicking… Here’s How To Overflow Your Message And Achieve Close to Social Network “Omnipresence”

    • “You Came. They Saw. You Conquered… With Service!” — How To Map Out Your Master Plan Towards Multi-Platform Domination…

    • The Amazing LinkedIn *Hack* to Attract Your Soul-Led Clients to Your Brand… Like Flies to Honey!

    • The One-Two Combo on Grabbing Fresh Eyes to Your Chosen Platforms…

    Week seven

     Own Your Stage And Hustle 

    If you’ve done the work in the past six weeks with clear intention and messaging in mind… you’re now set to becoming THE authority in your own field. I’ll show you exactly how you do that this week.


    Inside the module:

    • How to Close Clients Without Objections and Second Thoughts…

    • How to Create “Tiny Salesmen” That Promote Your Brand Non-Stop…

    • How to Capture Your Audience’s Top of Mind Awareness… (Do this and you’ll be the FIRST person they’ll run to for help!)

    • The Triple Down Approach to Exponentially Increase Your “Field Influence”...

    Week eight

     The Next Milestone 

    Congratulations! By this time, you’ve already experienced what may be the biggest breakthroughs in your life. But we’re not yet done…


    Inside the module:

    • Why “Debriefing” The Whole Journey Will Help You Climb Higher Milestones…

    • Your Induction to The Ambitious Tribe… And… How to Get The Most Out Of It…

    • How to Magnify Your Message Through Your Own “Signature Talk”...

    • PLUS — What You Need To Do Next To Keep The Momentum Towards New Heights… And Take Your Business to Cruising Altitude!


      And so much more…

    But It Doesn’t End There.

    If You Join The Power Profile Biz Accelerator Today…

    You’ll Get These 6 Huge Bonuses!

    Bonus #1

    4-Month Accountability Program

    ($4,997 Value)

    After the Foundational 8 weeks, you’ll get the next 4 months of consistent support to make sure everything is aligned towards the goal.


    There will be bumps along the way, but I will be there for you. And you’ll also have the Ambitious Tribe Exclusive Community to back you up!


    Together, we will hit your goals and relentlessly drive towards your ambition!

    Bonus #2

    Pod To Swim With
    ($497 Value)

    In this Bonus Module, I will show you how to create a community that shares your values and mission. 


    If you implement this, you’ll gather the most soul-aligned tribe and help each other grow.


    Some will become your clients. Some will become your partners. And some will even become your best soul-ful friends for life!


    You know what they say: “If you wanna go fast, go alone. But if you wanna go FAR, then go TOGETHER.”

    Bonus #3

    Magnetic Sales Structure
    ($497 Value)

    This module will “transmute” your ideas to cold green Benjamins!


    You’ll discover how to turn what looks like an expensive hobby into a profitable business.


    I will show you how to create an irresistible Product Suite. Then, we’re going to test it out and validate your offer in the market. I’ll share my secrets on using the psychology of pricing to help you seal the deal.


    Plus, you’ll see how I seal deals using just DM’s and PM’s.

    Bonus #4

    Your Company LinkedIn Page

    ($297 Value)

    You already have an ALL-STAR POWERFUL PROFILE.


    Now it’s time to use the same principles to build your business page and get you revved up!


    In this bonus, you’ll discover how to create a company page from scratch. I’ll also show you how to grow and nurture that page so you attract EVEN MORE clients!


    And I’ll give you a Content Strategy that’s so simple and easy to implement… you’ll be surprised how potent it is for reach and engagements!

    Bonus #5

    Profitable Inbox Blueprint

    ($397 Value)

    Dive right in and learn the secrets of building relationships and closing high-ticket contracts… just by the power of your INBOX!



    Learn the proper Sales Mindset when coming into conversations with your prospects, actionable strategies on sealing deals, and get all the tools you need to consistently perform.


    Plus, you’ll also get access to my Tracker & Script Tips to help you brainstorm ideas for high-converting sales calls.

    Bonus #6

    Ultimate Content Kit

    ($497 Value)

    This will help you quickly and easily create content that converts followers into clients.



    Using the Ultimate Content Kit will help you learn the “language” your market understands… so you can speak right into their hearts and minds with a crystal clear message!


    You’ll also discover salesmanship-in-print principles that will get your readers excited and motivated to ACT — not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW!

    Bonus #7

    Ambitious Tribe X-Masterclass
    ($1,997 Value)

    This is easily worth $1,997… or even a lot more!


    Why? Because in this bonus you’ll learn how to create your very own Masterclass. You only need to record it ONCE… yet you can profit from it FOREVER!


    Plus, you get access to every Masterclass your Ambitious Tribemates will create! 

    Now you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars just for one Masterclass — get access to everything inside… for FREE!

    If All The Power Profile Biz Accelerator Did Was Just Give You ONE Soul-Aligned Premium Client That Will Work With You For Years…

    How much do you think it’s worth?


    If you ask me, it’s easily worth $15,000…


    Because this is the EXACT same method I use to earn $5k - $10k contracts month after month like clockwork.


    Plus it includes every trick in my personal playbook to grow my business… I held nothing back!


    It will easily cut back your learning curve from multiple ‘frustrating’ years into just a few weeks, saving you precious TIME… 


    And you won’t have to go through the mistakes and hardships I experienced just to get the strategies I shared inside the Power Profile Biz Accelerator.


    In fact, my marketing friends told me I should charge AT LEAST $10,000 for this intensive program… 


    But I told them I wouldn’t. Because it’s my personal mission to empower more people to drive their ambition and spread more love to this earth.


    And that’s I won’t ask you for $10,000.


    You won’t have to pay even HALF that. 


    (Or even half of half)

    You’ll get Everything...

    • WEEK ONE - Unleash Your Personal Brand ($997 Value)

    • WEEK TWO - Create Your Power Profile ($997 Value)

    • WEEK THREE - Master The Content Game ($997 Value)

    • WEEK FOUR - Serve & Sell Your Message ($997 Value)

    • WEEK FIVE - Money Making Actions ($997 Value)

    • WEEK SIX - Omni-Platform Attention ($997 Value)

    • WEEK SEVEN - Own Your Stage And Hustle ($997 Value)

    • WEEK EIGHT - The Next Milestone ($997 Value)

    • Bonus #1 - 4-Month Accountability Program ($4,997 Value)

    • Bonus #2 - Pod To Swim With ($497 Value)

    • Bonus #3 - Magnetic Sales Structure ($497 Value)

    • Bonus #4 - Your Company LinkedIn Page ($297 Value)

    • Bonus #5 - Profitable Inbox Blueprint ($397 Value)

    • Bonus #6 - Ultimate Content Kit ($497 Value)

    • Bonus #7 - Ambitious Tribe X-Masterclass ($1,977 Value)

    With a Total Value worth $17,155…

    For Only $1,497!

    (Limited Time Only: Price will increase to $2,997 after September 2)




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    Now, you’ll most likely have an amazing experience inside this program.

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    You can enroll right now and start the Power Profile Biz Accelerator for 14 days risk-free.


    I’m absolutely confident you’ll enjoy the program…


    But if you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply email me your completed coursework along with your reason why it didn’t work for you.


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    You’re In An Important
    Crossroads Right Now…

    There are three very different paths…

    Leading to three very different results…

    Option #1 - You do NOTHING



    You forget everything you’ve learned today. You stay exactly where you are right now. And you’ll probably wonder for the rest of your life how different things would be if you decided to choose a different road…


    You’re still stuck. Still unhappy. Still “waiting” for that opportunity… instead of actively going after it.


    Or you could…


    Option #2 -  Do it yourself


    This means spending months (even years) researching, going from one shiny object to another, constantly experimenting without any certainty if it will work.


    You may figure it out one day… but for how long? And you’ll probably waste so much effort, time, and resources before you get there.


    Who really knows? What if you NEVER figure it out? All that work… for nothing.


    That’s why I encourage you to take a moment and really consider...


    Option #3 - Join The Power Profile Biz Accelerator Program and start building a crisis-proof business that can potentially give you $5k-$10k cash flow in the coming months. You’ll have everything you need… and… I get to hold your hand (plus the whole community) to make sure you’re on the right track.




    Imagine having a business that magnetically attracts high-paying soul-aligned clients for long-term deals. Wouldn’t that give you so much peace of mind even during troubling times?


    Imagine generating consistent monthly cash flow that pays for all your expenses, debts, amortizations… Will that free your mind from stress and anxiety so you can LIVE more?


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    You’re just one simple step away towards the life you and your family deserve…


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    To Driving Your Ambition,